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ToPL is the best way to play the newest Stern pins: Avengers, X-Men, and AC/DC.

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May 11 tournament postponed

The Newmarket Newmarket Amazing Pinball Survivor Race, planned for May 11, has been postponed.

Spring 2013 playoffs results

Our largest playoffs ever saw Andrew Aiken dominate in the A division over a field of 25 players, with Zeus Manolis and Brent Cameron finishing second and third. In the B division, 16 players competed and Dan Bitterlich took first place, followed by Todd Cummer and Mike Burns.

Spring 2013 season winners

John Flitton won the season and earned the nost high scores as well. Hilary Haworth was the most improved player, her first award ever! Congratulations to both.

"It's more fun to compete!"

The Toronto Pinball League (ToPL) is an organization that brings together people who love to play pinball competitively. You don't have to be an expert to play with us, but pinball wizards are welcome! We are always looking for new players who are enthusiastic about the exciting game of pinball and can spare a Monday night.

Since 1995, the league has served pinball lovers of all stripes. Players can learn new tricks or just enjoy the fun of competing. Collectors get to talk shop and get answers to maintenance questions. Currently, the league is about half collectors and half players.

If you like playing pinball and live in the greater Toronto area, you are welcome to join us at one of our many locations. We play every Monday starting at 8:00 PM sharp. (We suggest you arrive earlier to warm up.) We can accommodate any number of players, so your friends are welcome as well!

If you don't think you have the skill to compete effectively, think again! Players of equal skill are grouped together, ensuring you a fairer chance at winning.

[Image: Charles being a spoilsport when losing his ball]

A full season of play lasts 15 weeks, and is followed by the playoffs—a day of pinball, food, and refreshments guaranteed to satisfy the pinball lover in you! League fees are $30/season ($2/week for occasional players), plus a $5 location fee to compensate our hosts who invest time, effort, and parts to keep machines in league-ready shape. New players can try ToPL without paying league fees for their first night. (Location fees always apply.) All league money is reinvested in the prize pool and playoffs food/drink.

Prize pool? Yes, that's right—we compete for cash prizes and initials on the Grand Champion trophy at the end of each season. The more players we have, the larger the cash prizes.

League nights are held at some commercial locations, but mostly at member's homes, where the machines are kept in top shape—a true joy to play. You'll have access to a wide variety of machines you would normally be unable to play. Do you need more reasons to join ToPL?

Pinball news

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11 July 2014 | 7:02 pm

We call in to Add-A-Ball in Freemont, Seattle to see their expanded space and embiggened mix of new and classic pinballs and videos.


11 July 2014 | 3:02 pm

Paul Drewry reports on a retro gaming store in upstate New York which finds space between the Colecovision and Atari gaming consoles for some classic videos and seven pinballs.


27 June 2014 | 6:18 pm

Our fourth new Vancouver report takes us back to Cambie Street and a pub with eleven top-quality machines.


27 June 2014 | 6:17 pm

Our third new report from Vancouver sees us in a sports bar for young professionals with a nice selection of seven modern pinballs.


27 June 2014 | 6:16 pm

A Vancouver landmark, The Cambie is part pub, part hostel, but still has room for pinballs, as our roving reporter John discovers.